De Novos Surgery Centers

Do You Ask Yourself...

  • Do I have enough cases/revenues to build a new center?
  • Is my market too saturated with ASCs to build a new one?
  • Should I buy into an existing ASC or start a new one?
  • How should I size/equip/scope/fund the project to ensure room for growth but not handicap the ASC with unnecessary overhead?
  • How will Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) effect ASCs in the future?
  • How will hospitals employing physicians change my market in the future?
  • Will I be able to get contracts with payors if I build a center?

As the ASC industry matures, new projects (also known as 'de novos') require a much more strategic and thoughtful analysis.

As the healthcare landscape changes with the advent of Accountable Care Organizations, revival of hospital physician employment, payor contracting pressures and more, new projects must be much more carefully assessed.

The Compass team has a deep and successful track record of not only launching new projects on time and on budget, but also optimizing each project for the context of their local market.

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