Hospital Partnerships

Have You Ever Wondered?

  • How do we leverage an ASC partnership to achieve the strategic goals of the institution?
  • How do we engage private practictioner surgeons who don't necessarily want to be employed?
  • How do we create a competitive advantage in the marketplace to protect the mission of the hospital?
  • How do we give physicians meaningful economics and control without putting our institution at risk?
  • Should we advance the project as a stand alone venture or as part of a wider medical office initiative?
  • How do we ensure that the hospital bureaucracy doesn't overbuild, overequip and overstaff the venture?

Compass Surgical Partners is well equipped to assist health care systems in achieving their wider objectives by leveraging physician engagement in ASC partnerships.

Hospitals and health systems continue to look for less capital-intensive means to expand their market and attract a new physician/patient base. In many instances, this is achieved through alignment with physicians. Surgery Center partnerships are often a key component of this strategy.

For years, Compass Surgical Partners' executives have been working with Hospital and health system leaders to establish and execute upon such strategies. We have deep expertise, and many examples, in multiple markets, of successfully aligning Health Systems' core strategies to create physician partnerships (generally through the establishment of ASC partnerships) that expand their market presence.

As competition continues to increase in the healthcare marketplace, such alignment strategies will be key to the sustainability and growth of hospitals and health systems. Our success stories are many, found throughout the country, and increasing in number.

Let Compass Surgical Partners bring you and your surgeons, the same success.