Acquisitions and Turnarounds

Ask Yourself:

  • When was the last time we received a meaningful distribution?
  • When was the last time we added a surgeon or new specialty to our ASC?
  • How do we deal with a 'original' owners and still make room for new surgeons?
  • What market advantages can we leverage to achieve stronger results?
  • How do my operational metrics compare to national averages?
  • Is my capital structure and governance structure right for my entity?

Compass Surgical Partners is focused on restructuring and repositioning underperforming ASCs for maximum value.

As the ASC market has evolved over the past several decades, many Surgery Centers have achieved less than favorable returns, some have fallen into complacency, and others are facing a more severe financial crisis. We recognize that each partnership has its own unique set of goals in these situations: reenergizing the partnership, reestablishing a cash flow, streamlining operations, creating an exit strategy - just to name a few.

We have broad expertise in turning around under performing ASCs to allow physician partners the opportunity to regain their financial independence. We will evaluate each partnership on its own merits, work closely with the partners to understand their unique objectives, then develop and execute a plan to achieve the agreed upon objectives.

Hard work and tough decisions are necessary to maximize value in these situations, and we have proven our ability to execute appropriately.