Overcoming Five Common Roadblocks to Implementing an EHR

As we plan for 2023, ASCs are doing themselves a disservice by continuing to chart on paper. Between the increased utilization of the ASC space for surgical care and the ever-growing need to communicate patient information across all avenues of care, it’s getting harder and harder to continue the argument against implementing an EHR.

Here are five common roadblocks it’s time to overcome, written by Kelli McMahan, VP of Facility Development at Compass Surgical Partners and Maura Cash, RN, BSN, CASC, VP of Clinical Strategies at HST Pathways.

3 Reasons to Update Managed Care Contracts

By Stacy LaLonde

The managed care landscape is constantly changing. Because of that, neglecting to renegotiate contracts can result in missed revenues and lost value long-term for your ASC. Knowing that payers will never approach you to give you higher rates, it’s up to the ASC to re-engage in negotiation to drive additional value to the ASC. This post gives 3 reasons to update your ASC contracts.

If the contract has not been evaluated in more than three years:

ASCs must review payer reimbursement rates frequently, otherwise they risk missing revenue opportunities. One change requiring review is payer guidelines that reduce payments, which may increase the accounts-received (A/R) balances. Working with payers to ensure receipt of the contracted revenue can require ongoing dialogue. Ensure contracts that may have previously ignored cost-of-living (COLA) increases are re-opened to not only improve on old rates, but also amended to add increases so that the contract performance remains current and adequate each year.

5 Considerations for Selecting an IT Provider in a New ASC

Whether you have an ASC partner or you’re trying to do it on your own, getting IT involved early in the development process is essential.

Years ago, ASCs were developed by generalists. Now professionals create formal mock-ups of every wall in every room in every facility. There are experts in floorplan to maximize clinical flow; in engineering to meet airflow and pressure needs; in equipment for purchasing according to a specific project’s needs; and in IT to ensure the ASC is efficient and secure.

A huge consideration for new ASCs is the breadth of experience and scope of work of an IT provider. An experienced ASC IT provider will understand both general and specific needs for ASCs and will have the ability to execute on those needs. A partner in IT can help you with

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