Kelli McMahan

VP of Facility Development

Kelli McMahan serves as Vice President of Facility Development for Compass Surgical Partners. Once a partnership is formed, Kelli takes over to ensure the facility opens in a timely manner and within the agreed-upon budget.

Kelli works alongside architects, construction, and key representatives on the finance team to develop new sites. She leaves no room for anything less than high-quality performance when placing equipment orders or reorganizing general layouts. This also means regular interaction with her partners and other constituents.

The level of quality in up-and-coming facilities is tied to Kelli’s close connection with general contractors—both inside and outside of construction. She knows that all construction budgets and planning need to be analyzed before development takes place. As a team player, thinking ahead is Kelli’s key attribute to success.

Kelli began as a surgical technician in various operating rooms (ORs) and eventually attended nursing school. She later developed and managed an orthopedic center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, while working at another surgery center firm. To this day, no center where Kelli has assisted in the opening has ever failed regarding the physical function of the facility. Kelli prides herself on delivering on promises to her partners.

Kelli is a registered nurse and is proud to hold an Associate Degree in Science and Nursing from Purdue University in Indiana. She loves to sew many types of clothing and has an interest in “playing” with clay. Her three favorite football teams are Notre Dame, Green Bay, and the Kansas City Chiefs. Stacy has two children and four grandchildren as well.

Our mission is to create high-value partnerships that provide exceptional surgical services to the local communities and provide a positive return on investment to each partner.

Compass Surgical Partners